Signature Series Arts 2017 business report

This year Blakkmoney Entertainment expanded their brand by constructing their new specialized live event department . Spear headed by former alternative artist Sparrow ( A.K.A Spa77ow) , The newly presented Signature Series Arts was launched this past March and already has left their taste in the mouths of the NYC indie scene .

Signature Series Arts launched in the Spring of March 2017 with the “Get Me In The Game “ concert . This particular show featured both vintage Blakkmoney acts as well as introduced the indie scene to fresh talent like Atson , Mekado , GQ Josh and Frass . The attendance set that night was 175 guest and the event it self had post activity of 10,000 social hits . Contessa untamed returned in her role as host as she has done previously.

Later in the year , Signature Series Arts put a reported $5,000 to a marketing campaign for their Summer event “NYC Empire Strikes Back” . Fiscally the event could of not broke even as it was reported that a mere 115 people attended and that count may have included staff . The show itself kept the momentum socially as of this release the event has garnered 10,000 social hits . This event was headlined by emerging artist  Aaron Knight and new comer Ru$ Grey . Brooklyn artist John da Jawn set the record as most viewed artist on a SSA event , when his performance video broke 1.5k views in a week . It was also shared over 100 times on Facebook. Radio personality Dizzy Brown of Mixxy Society (WVMR)  hosted this event alongside Contessa Untamed .

Signature Series Arts closed out the year  strong by presenting a sequel to one of their more popular events of 2014 . “No Oxygen Fest “ 2 was billed as the perfect storm , and featured artist from the past year and new artist to the indie platform . This event saw Atson , MMB , John Da Jawn , headline . As well as new acts like Fiesty the Future , Ty Moody , and Joe that Guy kick it off . The attendance was the highest of the season as 201 guest attended . Small pop up shops also was featured at the event which could of bought in more revenue for the company .

Throughout the year Signature Series Arts invested in other shows like RBM Bizzel “The Purge” concert . Casanova featured event “Made in BK” and “Brooklyn Zoo” an event that featured Roc Nation recording artist Manolo Rose . This help with brand awareness outside of the official events and open the company up to auxiliary revenue. The new season kicks off in 2018 and we look forward to see what Signature Series Arts has to bring to the table for the new year .


Detroit Become Human Trailer PS4 

Destiny 2 – Expansion 1 Curse of Osiris Reveal 

Artist that can steal the show at #NoOxygenFest2 . 

Signature Series Arts will be presenting “No Oxygen Fest” 2 Friday Novemeber 3rd live from Stage at L.I.C , and with an already stacked card we ruffle through the bill to inform our readers which stars we think can steal the show and leave their name in the crowd’s mouth . 

Coming off as a multiple threat D- Stone has been making waves with his current promo of his Empire Fresh shoot. Stone comes off socially as an exclusive artist . He makes the right moves with the right people and doesn’t dwell much from show to show over using his brand and name. Stone is one of the fresh faces on the Signature Series Arts bill, and most likely will look to leave the crowd in awe of his exclusivness. This can be one of those rare mid-card performances that steal the show much like Wilddup and Yun Nostra did at #NYCESBEVENT . 
Kassius Brikkz 

Kassius Brikkz is a returning favorite on a Blakkmoney bill, and have one of the best video performances of the past. Who can forget him bringing up the crowd on stage at 2014 #RANYCONCERT at Webster Hall. His authenticity can be what the crowd needs , seeing as in the past season some of the performances have been pop type spectacles. ( Atson , Ru$ Grey , Lia Givenchy, Poiison ). Kassius Brikkz can reel in a show stealer here with the right music and crowd control. 

There has been plenty of artist to crowd moments created at Blakkmoney / Signature Series events this season , but that all started in 2014 with MMB. Who engaged the audience unlike any other act before them. MMB have great story telling ability on stage and have shown that they can captivate any crowd , large or small. Backed by the energy and synergy of this group this will be one of those, it was so good it didn’t last long enough sets much like ( ATSON #GMITGCONCERT , or Wilddup #NYCESBEVENT). 
Boyz 4 Life 

The other group on the bill at #NOF2 is Boyz 4 Life , from CT. After being introduced to the Signature Series Arts network this fall , the energy of this group may be a show stealer. If this group can get the NYC crowd behind them and blend their energy with them, B4L may be the ones to talk about after the last mic is dropped. B4L will be representing the sponsored stage of QSJRADIO.COM and will need to set the standard of the stage. 

Atson has strung a wave of attention since debuting at #GMITGConcert he currently has one of the most streamed performances on ( 2k+views in counting) .The factor here is where he will be placed on the bill and who will be his lead in to help rev the crowd up. Atson can quite possibly knock the momentum after his lead in and follow up. The big stage performer Atson has captivated fans and tastemakers to talk about his performances. This can be the same at #NOF2. 
Stuck B 

Stuck B organic and relative style is a breathe of fresh air to the Signature Series Arts stage . His raw energy and authenticity can be the talk of the night because its such a rare choice for the Signature Series Arts stage. This can be the deal maker here with Stuck B who is known to tear up stages stages and has strong support. He just performed at the storied SOB’s and look to bring that power to #NOF2 

Justice League Team photos 4K 

Call of Duty WWII Valor Collection by TriForce

The centerpiece of the Valor Collection  is the bronze statue that appears to be inspired by a D-Day scene. 

Featuring content from all three in-game modes, the Call of Duty: WWII Valor Collection  includes:

Call of Duty: WWII Game
Call of Duty: WWII Exclusive Statue
Complete set of in-game Division Patches:






Collectible Nazi Zombies Bloodraven Sword Pin

Exclusive Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies 24” x 36” poster

Call of Duty: WWII is set to be released on November 3rd, 2017, and will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Players who pre-order the game will get access to the private beta, which runs from August 28th, 2017 to September 4th, 2017, as well as the Division’s Pack, which grants you access to five different outfits for your in-game characters. In addition to those bonuses, those who pre-order the game digitally will receive 500 COD points for use in either Call of Duty: Black Ops III, or Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Chase Dreams not People

The one thing I abhor the most about myself is how often I chase after people.Unconsciously, unknowingly, and unintentionally we tend to lose ourselves while doing so.

Chasing after a person means chasing after time — for more time with the person and less time for ourselves.

Chasing after a person means chasing after the small things — their birthday gift, their Christmas present, their celebratory meal after passing a test, the surprise at their doorstep in the middle of the night. The list goes on and on. It never ends and our own list remains countless and unfulfilled.

Chasing after a person means putting them before ourselves.

I guess what I’m trying to say is there is no “me” in chasing them. We focus so much on garnering their attention all the time that we forget to pay attention to ourselves.

We’ve willingly put in waves after waves of effort for them without sparing any for ourselves. We’ve cared so much for their happiness and well-being that we’ve neglected our own.

The funny thing is, we know it’s exhausting yet we continue doing it anyway. We are unfortunately all guilty of that.

We comfort ourselves by convincing our mind he/she is worth it. We lie to ourselves that one day, maybe they’ll realize and reciprocate our intentions. God knows it’s poison.

“Because if you have to run after something, it means that it doesn’t want to stand still, it doesn’t want to be caught; it doesn’t want to stop at your door.”

If there’s anything we should chase, chase our dreams.

Because when we chase our dreams, time will fit perfectly to our calling.

Because when we chase our dreams, the right people will enter our lives at a comfortable phase.

Because when we chase our dreams, the small things and big things don’t matter. Everything that comes brings us one step closer to our dreams.

We’ll find joy in easily every part and parcel of our lives. Sure, there will be obstacles and roadblocks and thunderstorms along the way, but knowing that we’re working on something that involves our personal selves and happiness, that’s when it’s truly worth it.

That’s when we look back, and realize there’s one thing we adore about ourselves. 

5 things to watch out for at the “NYC Empire Strike Back” Event. 

With Blakkmoney Entertainment and Signature Series Arts collaborated “NYC Empire Strikes Back” event just around the corner , the velocity of the event is starting to boil over and the speculation has become a nail biting wait at it’s finest. We here have decided to explore 5 things music fans and attendees should look out for July 21st , when the #NYCESBEVENT culminate’s from Fusion Hall. 

The Openers
With the likes of Brooklyn’s own Buttacool and QOTR’s Ms.Fit leaving the stamp of openers of the event at the #GMITGConcert , this Summer’s openers must follow up as jolted and crowd pleasing as these two. We hope the announced opener’s Zaay and Point Diamondz will have to muster up enough momentum to justify the crowd rocking through several songs of their set. New artist Zaay has a deliberate vintage NYC sound that compliments the theme of the night and is a smart choice to open up the show. 

The Production
Usually the production of a Blakkmoney event is top of the line. The hype here is how would the theme play a role in the production. Blakkmoney Entertainment is known for providing the audience with a breathe taking presentation. We look forward to see how they will utilize the theme “NYC Empire Strikes Back” . 

Ru$ Grey / Ciph Boogie 
With Can’t stop gang’s Ru$ Grey taking the stage after peer artist Atson did this past spring at #GMITGConcert. How will the untapped talent utilize his time during the #NYCESBEVENT. Ru$ has already announced a world premiere video debut at the event , but will it be enough to keep the crowd engaged and continue the momentum set by his predecessor. Ciph Boogie who has been building his own momentum online has no doubt put a bulls’eye on his name. Ciph would have to have a strong set to keep the momentum of his latest music releases. 

The Mid Card

The line-up is no doubt stacked this Summer at the #NYCESBEVENT but who will take the hotspots . This spot is reserved for the artist that have to carry the crowd through the second hour of the event. More people will be present and tuned in looking for memorable music. Artist in the past that have aced this spot are Lia Givenchy , Mekado , Atson and Team 808 from the #GMITGConcert . Who will take the reigns during the empire show July 21st ? 

Aaron Knight 
Announced as the headliner of the event , looks to bring his momentum of the Keep Flexin Tour with Rich the KId to the stage at Ozone Park. Knight who has since stacked his accolade bag from No Oxygen Fest 2014 , will return to the main stage as a grand presentation. Knight has always captivated any audience he has played for and no doubt will do the same at the #NYCESBEVENT . 

Source -Time Magazine 

Jay-Z 4:44 The Story of OJ 

Welcome to the World of Tetriminos Project TriForce celebrates World Tetris Day !!


To celebrate World Tetris Day, Project TriForce will be releasing officially licensed life-size sculptures of the iconic Tetriminos from the world famous Tetris game. The stunning sculptures feature LED effects and will be available as stand-alone pieces, or as a complete set. Check out the attached images to see individual, group, and scale beauty shots of the pieces. The sculptures will be available individually for $75 USD or as a complete set for $499 USD. They are in-stock and will begin shipping globally on Tuesday, June 6th which marks the 33rd birthday of Tetris. Supplies are limited. Check out on June 6th for more details.


Please note : Tetriminos are completely waterproof *

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