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Join the Pork side! Angry Birds Stars Wars II 10/19

The latest in the Angry Birds series has become official, with Angry Birds Star Wars II catapulting our way on September 19. As expected from the earlier promo shot, the new game covers the prequel trilogy, and this time around is bringing Skylanders-esque figurines from Hasbro into play. The Telepods as they’re known, will be available to buy from toy stores, and by holding them over the camera on your iOS device you’ll be able to zap the character into the game. So, an out-of-app purchase, then.

We’re looking at about 30 new characters, and this time around you even get to choose which side of the force you want to play as; Jedi or Pork Side. Rovio isn’t disclosing whether or not Jar Jar Binks will be represented in some way, but frankly, if he isn’t, that’s a fail. Beyond announcing Star Wars II, Rovio also confirmed the Return of the Jedi themed update for the original Angry Birds Star Wars game will be dropping out of hyperspace sometime soon.

Killer Instinct – Glacius vs Jago (Gameplay)

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