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Uncharted 3 beta ends on july 14 Co-op campaign is Added

The Uncharted 3 beta is only open until July 14, but Naughty Dog and Sony aren’t done adding goodies to the game. The final additions will be made to the beta tomorrow, July 10, including a never-before-seen map, Yemen, and players’ first chance to play the co-op campaign.

This is also the final week to earn beta rewards, which include the Treasure Hunter’s Starter Pack and in-game cash on day one. Sony announced that over 1 million unique players have taken part in the Uncharted 3 beta — if you haven’t, join the crowd today to play the co-op campaign tomorrow. You sheep.


Tommorrow is the day to hide the wife:Uncharted 3 beta starts

playstationplus* and Infamous 2 owers will have to clear up 1.7GB on the HHD tommorrow

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