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Is “Dwight Howard” coming to the Knicks?

Ken Berger of seems to think so. The sports writer believes the Knicks would be willing to lose Amar’e Stoudemire in exchange for Dwight Howard.

Howard wants to play in the NYC area, having listed one of his dream locations as the New Jersey Nets, who complete their move to Brooklyn next season.

Although, it’s hard to imagine the Knicks letting go of their superstar Stoudemire who risked it all to come to New York and revitalize the franchise. It would be a slap in the face.

The Magic, on the other hand, would make the trade in a heartbeat. Orlando’s only interested in acquiring veterans, which Stoudemire is, albeit with a history of injuries.

Do you think a Dwight Howard – Amar’e Stoudemire trade could go down?


“Hulk smash” Pinball table coming in 2012


The Pinball games from Zen Studios — Pinball FX 2 on XBLA and Marvel Pinball on PSN — will receive a Hulk table sometime next year. XBLAfans took note of the forum post where Mel Kirk, VP of PR and Marketing for Zen Studios, explicitly announced the angry green goon’s forthcoming appearance.

“Everything that comes from Marvel next year will be bigger, not necessarily character specific,” Kirk told us when we asked about the table. “Hulk will be the main character, but it will be based on something in the Marvel storyline.”

It would appear Zen Studios’ relationship with Marvel is going well. The company launched the original Marvel tables last year, followed by DLC featuring Fantastic Four and Captain America (one of the best tables available), and the “Vengeance and Virtue” tables which came out last week. From what Zen Studios is saying, there’s plenty more to come in 2012.

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EX champ Joe Frazier has died


PHILADELPHIA – November 7, 2011 (WPVI) — Late Monday night, the family of Smokin’ Joe Frazier issued the following statement on the death of the former heavyweight champion to Action News:

“We The Family of the 1964 Olympic Boxing

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Heavyweight Gold Medalist, Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion and International Boxing Hall of Fame Member Smokin’ Joe Frazier, regrets to inform you of his passing. He transitioned from this life as “One of God’s Men,” on the eve of November 7, 2011at his home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We thank you for your prayers for our Father and vast outpouring of love and support.

Respectfully, we request time to grieve privately as a family. Our father’s home going celebration will be announced as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding. “

Remembering Smokin’ Joe Frazier

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He beat Muhammad Ali in the Fight of the Century, battled him nearly to the death in the Thrilla in Manila. Then Joe Frazier spent the rest of his life trying to fight his way out of

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Ali’s shadow.

PHOTOS: Remembering Smokin’ Joe

That was one fight Frazier could never win.


He was once a heavyweight champion, and a great one at that. Ali would say as much after

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Frazier knocked him down in the 15th round en route to becoming the first man to beat Ali

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at Madison Square Garden in March 1971.

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But he bore the burden of being Ali’s foil, and

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he paid the price. Bitter for years about the taunts his former nemesis once threw his way,

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Frazier only in recent times came to terms with what happened in the past and said he

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had forgiven Ali for everything he said.

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Frazier, who died Monday night after a brief battle with liver cancer at the age of 67, will forever be linked to Ali. But no one in boxing would ever dream of anointing Ali as The Greatest unless he, too, was linked to Smokin’ Joe.

“You can’t mention Ali without mentioning Joe Frazier,” said former AP boxing writer Ed Schuyler Jr. “He beat Ali, don’t forget that.”

They fought three times, twice in the heart of New York City and once in the morning in a steamy arena in the Philippines. They went 41 rounds together, with neither giving an inch and both giving it their all.

In their last fight in Manila in 1975, they traded punches with a fervor that seemed unimaginable among heavyweights. Frazier gave almost as good as he got for 14 rounds, then had to be held back by trainer Eddie Futch as he tried to go out for the final round, unable to see.

“Closest thing to dying that I know of,” Ali said afterward.

Ali was as merciless with Frazier out of the ring as he was inside it. He called him a gorilla, and mocked him as an Uncle Tom. But he respected him as a fighter, especially after Frazier won a decision to defend his heavyweight title against the then-unbeaten Ali in a fight that was so big Frank Sinatra was shooting pictures at ringside and both fighters earned an astonishing $2.5 million.

The night at the Garden 40 years ago remained fresh in Frazier’s mind as he talked about his life, career and relationship with Ali a few months before he died.

“I can’t go nowhere where it’s not mentioned,” he told The Associated Press. “That was the greatest thing that ever happened in my life.”

Though slowed in his later years and his speech slurred by the toll of punches taken in the ring, Frazier was still active on the autograph circuit in the months before he died. In September he went to Las Vegas, where he signed autographs in the lobby of the MGM Grand hotel-casino shortly before Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s fight against Victor Ortiz.

An old friend, Gene Kilroy, visited with him and watched Frazier work the crowd.

“He was so nice to everybody,” Kilroy said. “He would say to each of them, `Joe Frazier, sharp as a razor, what’s your name?”‘

Frazier was small for a heavyweight, weighing just 205 pounds when he won the title by stopping Jimmy Ellis in the fifth round of their 1970 fight at Madison Square Garden. But he fought every minute of every round going forward behind a vicious left hook, and there were few fighters who could withstand his constant pressure.

His reign as heavyweight champion lasted only four fights – including the win over Ali – before he ran into an even more fearsome slugger than himself. George Foreman responded to Frazier’s constant attack by dropping him three times in the first round and three more in the second before their 1973 fight in Jamaica was waved to a close and the world had a new heavyweight champion.

Two fights later, he met Ali in a rematch of their first fight, only this time the outcome was different. Ali won a 12-round decision, and later that year stopped George Foreman in the Rumble in the Jungle in Zaire.

There had to be a third fight, though, and what a fight it was. With Ali’s heavyweight title at stake, the two met in Manila in a fight that will long be seared in boxing history.

Frazier went after Ali round after round, landing his left hook with regularity as he made Ali backpedal around the ring. But Ali responded with left jabs and right hands that found their mark again and again. Even the intense heat inside the arena couldn’t stop the two as they fought every minute of every round with neither willing to concede the other one second of the round.

“They told me Joe Frazier was through,” Ali told Frazier at one point during the fight.

“They lied,” Frazier said, before hitting Ali with a left hook.

Finally, though, Frazier simply couldn’t see and Futch would not let him go out for the 15th round. Ali won the fight while on his stool, exhausted and contemplating himself whether to go on. It was one of the greatest fights ever, but it took a toll. Frazier would fight only two more times, getting knocked out in a rematch with Foreman eight months later before coming back in 1981 for an ill advised fight with Jumbo Cummings.

“They should have both retired after the Manila fight,” Schuyler said. “They left every bit of talent they had in the ring that day.”

Born in Beaufort, S.C., on Jan 12, 1944, Frazier took up boxing early after watching weekly fights on the black and white television on his family’s small farm. He was a top amateur for several years, and became the only American fighter to win a gold medal in the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo despite fighting in the final bout with an injured left thumb.

After turning pro in 1965, Frazier quickly became known for his punching power, stopping his first 11 opponents. Within three years he was fighting world-class opposition and, in 1970, beat Ellis to win the heavyweight title that he would hold for more than two years.

It was his fights with Ali, though, that would define Frazier. Though Ali was gracious in defeat in the first fight, he was as vicious with his words as he was with his punches in promoting all three fights – and he never missed a chance to get a jab in at Frazier.

Frazier, who in his later years would have financial trouble and end up running a gym in his adopted hometown of Philadelphia, took the jabs personally. He felt Ali made fun of him by calling him names and said things that were not true just to get under his skin. Those feelings were only magnified as Ali went from being an icon in the ring to one of the most beloved people in the world.

After a trembling Ali it the Olympic torch in 1996 in Atlanta, Frazier was asked by a reporter what he thought about it.

“They should have thrown him in,” Frazier responded.

He mellowed, though, in recent years, preferring to remember the good from his fights with Ali rather than the bad. Just before the 40th anniversary of his win over Ali earlier this year – a day Frazier celebrated with parties in New York – he said he no longer felt any bitterness toward Ali.

“I forgive him,” Frazier said. “He’s in a bad way.”

Dahlberg reported from Las Vegas.

(Copyright ©2011 WPVI-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.)

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Madden NFL 12 demo aug 9

Whether you’re a diehard Green Bay Packers or Chicago Bears fan, you’ve probably had last year’s NFC Championship game running through your mind on repeat, refilling you with the thrill of victory or agony of defeat, respectively. Today, EA Sports announced that you’ll be able to have a hand in the proceedings August 9, when the Madden NFL 12 demo arrives on Xbox Live and PSN, giving you a 20-minute, four-quarter recreation of the Packers-won contest.

The rosters of each team will be, of course, a tad outdated thanks to the very, very recent settling of the NFL lockout. EA Sports confirmed on Twitter that a launch day update will reflect the free agent changes that happen over the course of this week. Until then: Just relive that thrill/agony in its purest form.*Source


Get ready to stuff the competition with the hardest-hitting gridiron game this summer on Xbox®LIVE

Woodland Hills, CA – June 22, 2011 – 505 Games and NaturalMotion Games announced today that Backbreaker Vengeance™, the next chapter in the genre-changing Backbreaker franchise, will be available on Xbox®LIVE Arcade for the Xbox®360 videogame and entertainment system from June 29, 2011*.

“Backbreaker Vengeance is the perfect summer game and a great addition to the wildly successful Backbreaker franchise,” said Ian Howe, President, 505 Games North America. “Building on the instantly gratifying fun of Tackle Alley with new modes and moves, and with hundreds of intense levels, Backbreaker Vengeance is the total package for anyone who wants to jump into a game for a few minutes or a few hours.”

Backbreaker Vengeance takes the intensity and AAA appeal of the original Backbreaker Football console game and combines it with the pick-up-and-play nature of the million-selling iPhone app to create a whole new one-of-a-kind sports experience for digital download on Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360. Powered by the groundbreaking Euphoria Engine, Backbreaker Vengeance, features hard-hitting tackles that are unique every time, and bound to have players wanting “just one more go”.

“Backbreaker has changed the way people play football video games,” said Torsten Reil, CEO of NaturalMotion. “Backbreaker Vengeance for Xbox LIVE Arcade takes everything we’ve learnt about truly live sports gaming and combines it with arcade gameplay for the fastest, most instantly playable football experience anywhere.”

Since its arrival on the mobile platforms in late 2009, Backbreaker as a franchise has garnered over 5 million fans across the world, a testament to its proudly accessible approach to the football genre.

Whether you takedown or touchdown…it’s Vengeance!

Backbreaker Vengeance is slated for release on June 29, 2011 on Xbox®LIVE Arcade for the Xbox®360 videogame and entertainment system from Microsoft.

For more information on Backbreaker Vengeance, please visit

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