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Rick Ross’ In NYC Hotel On 24-Hour Police Watch

After that drive-by shooting in Ft. Lauderdale, Rick Ross is taking the proper precautions to make sure that he is out of harms way from another attempt at taking his life by adversaries.

At the London Hotel in New York city, for a few days now, hired police officers are protecting Rozay, working round-the-clock guarding the hotel’s vicinity.

Sources say, these recent threats towards Ross isn’t something he is taking lightly and is taking the proper measures to be protected.

via TMZ

If I was Rozay I would do the same. But in the eyes of ignorant folks he is losing his “gangsta” credibility. I think Rozay is learning from the mistakes of his peers, such as T.I. and to not take things in your own hands. What do you think about this situation/story? Does Ross lose his “gangsta” persona because he hires police officers to protect him? Share your thoughts.

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