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Killzone 3 DLC Bundle Pack Review – Action Packed Value!

Killzone 3 DLC Bundle Pack Review – Action Packed Value!

Mobile Factory
You know that feeling you get when you get to the pub, look down at the bar and there is a packet of fags… With fags still in it? Well that’s the feeling once you have downloaded the Epic as usual DLC offering from our friends Killzone 3. As previously posted here on Rebel Gaming, this new DLC bundle includes the most recent & existing map packs from Killzone 3. This includes the ‘Retro packs’ from Killzone 2. Its a big one this download, close to 800MB so if your anything like me best start the download and make a cuppa tea. The first map I jumped into on the new DLC was ‘Mobile Factory’. To be completely honest Killzone 3 had been tucked away in my helghast helmet for sometime so I knew I was going to be a little rusty. However, I picked out my ‘go to’ skin and off I went with my trusty sniper rifle. I soon found out this was an error.

Mobile factory is a close quarters soldiers wet dream. I would strongly recommend either getting your shotguns or SMG’s out on this one. The map itself looks fantastic, all your kills will be up close and personal. There are very few places for a sniper position, so don’t even try. The background, as expected, is simply mesmerizing, classic Killzone 3 themes. I found myself getting a little lost at times as there are lots of corridors in the belly of the factory to keep you busy. Plus, don’t forget that if you take a wrong turn its straight in the grinder for you. The action in this one is right up there with the best that Killzone has to offer, sneaky sneeky is not your friend in the factory. If you creep round the corners you WILL get man handled in a horrible way. More a FUCKIN AV IT kind of tactic would be better suited here.

Next up was the updated Tharsis Depot, originally from Killzone 2 but now brought back with an injection of awesome juice. Oh, and jet packs – just cant go wrong with a good old jet pack. Even if you dont recognise the name you will recognise the map itself right away. The old school map actually gave the feeling of warmth, this time around Guerrilla games have really taken their time in making sure this retro map looks as though its seen its fair share of action. Now you feel the cold brutality of the war. They brought this map back for a reason, that reason is its awesome. Just add a smash of Killzone 3 flavour and your done. No man alive can say the jet packs were a bad idea, so throw these babies into the mix and you have a winner ladies and gents.

Lente Missile Base
Lente Missile Base is a warzone map, one of the brand shiny new ones boys and girls. The base has long since been abondoned but as before reported by Rebel gaming, all the cool shit is in full working order. This map offers a huge space to work from, you can either be outside in open air or either in whats left of the structures around or the venting tubes from the missiles (although this is only recommended for short periods of time for obvious reasons). All around you is technology typical of the Killzone universe, which is defiantly all good. Even with the wide open space the action is always as fast and in your face as always. Want to rack up some multi kills? Get yourself a shit load of grenades and get to the tunnels, happy days. The next Retro offering is the all time awesome Radec Academy, to be honest its seen better days. After months of fighting there isn’t much of the original building left. But that all adds to the flavor of Killzone 3. Fans of the franchise will still know their way around but everything is totally fresh and original at the same time. Graphics have been tightened up a great deal and its every man for himself. One of my favorites from the previous title this map still makes all the right moves at the right times. There are plenty of places to go to either use which ever tactic you think is best for you. Me personally, I like to grab the biggest LMG I can find, head on down to the main arena and kick off. Stahl Arms feels like two maps in one, depending on where you spawn from. This map is totally massive, combins an indoor and outdoor arena which

Stahl arms
compliment each other perfectly. On the outside you get the feeling that its all very clean and clinical, flying bots are going to be everywhere here and make sure you don’t get too distracted by the background which is just stunning. I found I got the best results from making sure I was always on the move. Being a Guerrilla map your going to be on this one a while, so you will have plenty of time to find what routes suit your gaming style best. Now, Junk Yard is by far my own personal favorite. Its a new map and it is a true master piece, a perfect example of when developers get the environment exactly right. The rain is pouring and you can almost smell the rusted metal all around you. It feels like, well. A junk yard. Another one of the massive maps in the bundle pack, plenty of places to go and see. If a map was ever made for the new Killzone Jet packs its this one. Exo suits are available all over the shop too so make sure you take full advantage. You wont have time to scratch your ass in this map, its all go go go all the time. Again the scenery is fucking biblically good, best I have seen so far. All this for the tiny price of £7.99 right now from PlayStation network, its a total bargain. I can honestly say this is the best money I have ever spent on a DLC. Its totally refreshed my love for the Killzone franchise. Are you still reading this? GO BUY IT, NOW!

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