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Star Wars: Force Collection “Use the Force on Sept 4th” (iOS)

Konami will soon launch a digital Star Wars card battle game for iOS called Star Wars: Force Collection. There will be cards for 230 of the characters and vehicles found in all six Star Wars films. The game will take players across the Star Wars galaxy on various missions, according to Konami:

Players will cross the Star Wars™ galaxy completing quests, fighting battles, and collecting powerful cards and upgrades. As players progress, their actions will determine whether they join and fight on the light or dark side of the Force during global player events.

Players will battle the game as well as other players. Defeating other players will allow you to level up your Battle Ranking by looting their blueprint pieces. Use these pieces to construct vehicles that give you an advantage during combat.

Star Wars: Force Collection will be released on September 4 as a free download. Will it be with you?


Rovio rolls out cross-platform cloud saves for Angry Birds

If your passion for disgruntled birds cannot be confined to one platform, Rovio has you covered. The Angry Birds developer has launched Rovio Account, a new cloud service that allows players to transfer and sync save data across multiple iOS and Android devices.

Rovio Account adds cloud saving functionality to the original Angry Birds game and the DreamWorks film tie-in app The Croods. Support for additional games in Rovio’s app catalog will be added in future updates.

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Tetris Blitz: iOS game of the week

I’ve always been a big Tetris fan, and Tetris Blitz is a new twist to the class game. You have two minutes to clear as many lines as possible, but instead of the traditional gameplay of rotating and dropping each piece, Tetris Blitz gives you options for placement of the pieces. You simply tap the spot you want the piece to go, or cycle through more choices. There are also power-up in Tetris Blitz that help you rack up the points. Tetris Blitz is not traditional Tetris, but I’m enjoying this new, high-paced version.

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Girls Like Robots – Universal – HD Gameplay Trailer

Very nice meeting you all! Follow them on twitter! @adultswimgames:@girlslikerobots

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