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Microsoft plans to reboot the Tv show “Heroes”

Remember the TV show Heroes that only lasted four seasons? It seems it’s time to save the cheerleader all over again, due to MSN making a big push with NBC to have the program rebooted.

Not much information is in the pipeline to report here, but what we do understand via TV Line, is that MSN is spearheading this initiative because it wants original programming on the Xbox. If everything goes according to plan, Heroes would have a completely new cast and original story line, while bringing in old characters for cameo roles. Currently, talks are in its preliminary stage, which means nothing could come of this, but if we know Microsoft, it will get what it wants.

Heroes was a TV series that began in September of 2006 and ended in 2010 after only four seasons. The series told the story of normal human beings who realize they have super-human abilities. Some turned to villainy, while others chose to make an attempt at saving the world.

It’s not surprising that Microsoft would want to get Heroes under its belt, since the company is planning to make entertainment a central part of the next generation Xbox video games console. The question is, would the new Heroes be exclusive to the Xbox, or would it also air on NBC? We’re thinking both, since the series would garner a larger audience, which in turn means more money in the bank.

One thing Microsoft and NBC would have to deal with, is how to convince fans to accept a new saga without the same actors at their previous leading roles. It would not be an easy task, but fans shouldn’t care much after awhile if the new series turns out to be something worth watching.


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