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COG Vengeance Thanks TriForce for the Philly event

Fans show Love to Gears of war and TriForce (Pics)

Fan gets Omen Gears of war 3 back Tattoo

Gears fans are still popping up on-line with awesome tatts !!!! Check this out…


Gamerblogtv and GearsViking meet and talk about Gears of war 3 and Carmine







At the Gears of war 3 BestbuyNYC event i met with GearsViking..and asked questions we all would love to know,how ever i will not “Spoil” anything for you guys but we have alot of surprizes in store in the future when it comes to Gears 🙂 staytined..I’m sleepy  catch you guys later…

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Gears of war 3 infected Omen tattoo done !!! (GamerBlogTv)

Gears of war 3 “Infected Omen” Tattoo Video

Gamerblogtv gets tatted for the release of Gears of war 3

“Gamerblogtv gets Gears of war 3 infected Omen Tattoo”



One down and one more Gears of war 3 Tattoo to go.

in just a Few more weeks Gears of war 3 will be released and all our questions will be answered

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More Gears of war tattoos !!! (Leg)

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