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A 14-year-old slashed a 13-year-old’s throat over a game of Gears of War 3

A 14-year-old admitted to slashing a 13-year-old’s throat in an assault Scottish authorities blamed on a soured online friendship developed over Gears of War. Of course the game itself is blamed but when the 14-year-old already is a father, you’re not talking about someone with good decision-making and impulse control.

The Daily Mail is all over this one, so, caveat reader, but prosecutors and police officials, in statements, pin this one on Gears of War 3. “The reporting officer was of the opinion that the violent video games played online by the accused may have been a factor in his conduct,” the prosecutor told the court.

“These games are rated 18 and shouldn’t be played by children of this young age —but online gaming may be outside their parents’ knowledge,” the chairman of the Scottish Police Federation said. “We need to look again at what we can do to stop this.”

At the trial, prosecutors said the two met online around Christmas 2011 and played Gears of War 3 together. Later they met in person. But then the friendship devolved to “name-calling via the messaging system used in the game.”

In a chance meeting in April 2012, the older boy slashed the younger’s throat so deeply it exposed his windpipe. “Then,” says the Mail, “in a scene reminiscent of violent video games, the accused sneered at his victim: ‘Don’t die,’ before calmly walking off.” It’s a scene reminiscent of a 1980s action movie, too, but I don’t see anyone blaming Commando.
The accused, now 16, faces being locked up, though for how long is not said.



Triforce “Gears of war 3″epic edition Marcus fenix stolen from a Bronx Gamestop location


Some people love Gears of war 3 and Triforce a little to much. A epic edition Marcus Fenix was stolen out of a Bronx Ny Gamestop last week….A kid in his teens 15-17 years old walks in and grabs the Marcus Epic Edition (Display) and just runs out of the store…”( male shopper says)” Wow people love Gears and Triforce that much?

Gears of war 3 Marcus Epic Edition hand painted pieces by Triforce

Triforce handcrafts each piece with high detail to bring you one fine work of art

” Size Does matter” when it comes to Limited Edition Collectables -Marcus Fenix Epic Edition (Triforce) vs Nathan Drake Edition (Sideshow Collectables)

If your a hard core Collector and you love to spend the big bucks on Video game limited Editions like i do,sometime you have to wonder…Who makes the best Limited edition Collectables that’s worth every penny you work hard for.Well i took some pics of two of my limited Editions that dropped this year and i have to say “Bigger is Better”. Take a look at these pics and see for yourself.

Here”s a pic of Sideshow Collectibles “limited Edition” Nathan Drake with stand and weapon (AK-47)..right? ok now let’s take a look at The Marcus Fenix “Epic Edition” by Triforce with Stand and weapon (Lancer)

Both look pretty cool huh? now take a look at them together…

Looks to me like “Father and son” LOL

When i want to throw down $149.00 bucks on a Collectable, i want a box of sexy..not a toy or a figure

“Who’s your daddy” drake?
ok so now let’s take a look at weapons a little closer….
Picture tells it all
“Nothing can Compare” to Triforces Marcus Epic Edition” Every Video game company should go with Triforce to make there Collector you can see every other Editions are just in the Shadow of TRIFORCE when it comes to High end Collectables
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