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Fast & Furious 6 Gets New Trailer And Poster, And Paul Walker Gets His Moment

When The Fast and the Furious opened in 2001, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel were both up-and-coming stars on relatively equal footing, having made a handful of movies between them before jumping on board the franchise. 12 years later, Walker feels almost like an afterthought in his own series, especially now that The Rock has signed on to lend his swagger and make the whole franchise seem like a series of fights between two bald men, with Walker hanging out somewhere in the background.
Can he regain his central role with the upcoming Fast and Furious 6? The marketing at least seems to think so, handing Walker his own character poster to debut on his Facebook page, in addition to the film’s brand-new trailer. Check out the new trailer and then the poster below that:

If the poster looks familiar, that’s because it’s a pretty good mirror of the character poster released for Vin Diesel’s Dom Torretto a few weeks ago. Check it out below for comparison:

The new trailer contains a lot of the same footage as the extended Super Bowl spot, but somehow they’re managing to ramp up the mayhem. This one ends, like all the others, with that insane airplane stunt, because why on earth would you end with anything else?
Fast & Furious 6 comes to theaters Memorial Day weekend, and you can click here for everything else we know about it. We’re clearly losing our minds with excitement for this one. Are you with us?

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