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X-Men First class 2 sneak peek pics



Next gen Xbox720 and PS4 to be shown at this years 2012 E3?


Next Xbox to appear at E3 2012 alongside PS4 – rumour
All three next gen consoles to feature at this year’s E3
Xbox 360 2, Nextbox, Xbox 360 Unbounded, Ybox, Xbox 720… whatever its eventual moniker, Microsoft intends to show the machine off at E3 2012. According to another anonymous source, anyway. Remember when sources had names, readers? Those were the days.

MCV reports that we’ll also get first word of PlayStation 4 at this year’s E3. Not that any of you are interested in that, right?

If the rumour is worth the digital paper it’s printed on, this will be the first time in E3’s 17 year history that three unreleased console formats square off. (Wii U’s launch details are still to be locked down.)

A mock-up of the next Xbox. It probably won’t look like this. We’ve always suspected Microsoft would have something to show at E3 2012, especially following whispers that the manufacturer’s new console would launch in 2013 (other tipsters have positioned Christmas 2012 as the launch window).
The console was said to be already in action at EA testing labs over the summer. Its specs are unknown, but a recent Microsoft patent points to DVR functionality. A report from Digital Foundry in November claimed that the next Xbox would come in two flavours – one with a disc drive, hard drive and backwards compatibility, the other without.

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