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50 years of X-Men! Come out and drink with Mutants! (NYC)


50 years later, the X-Men have gone mainstream, have had multiple animated shows, live-action movies, spin offs, etc, and NY SciFi-Fantasy is going to celebrate! Join us for a day of revisiting a myriad of versions of the Professor Xavier-helmed team. Costumes are encouraged!

When: Saturday, September 14, 2013 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Where: Stone Creek Bar and Lounge

140 East 27th Street
Between 3rd and Lexington
New York, NY

Drink Specials:
$4 Shock Tops
$6 Vodka well drinks
$6 Pickleback shots



The Avengers 2 Who is Ultron ?

At Comic-Con 2013, Joss Whedon appeared on stage at the Marvel to show a quick teaser trailer that revealed the title of ‘Avengers 2‘ – ‘Age of Ultron.’ The Comic-Con crowd went nuts but for those who are unfamiliar with the “Age of Ultron” crossover event in the Marvel comic books, we present a quick primer on the upcoming supervillain in ‘Avengers 2.’ Who is Ultron? Let’s find out!

Ultron was a creation of Dr. Henry Pym (Ant-Man) as he experimented with sentient robots. His creation was a little too successful and, inhabited with Pym’s own brain waves, became self-aware. While he possessed his creators supreme intelligence, he lacked any of his compassion and conscience and almost immediately became fueled with a hatred for Pym. He rebuilt himself four times, becoming increasingly more powerful. He eventually recruited a group of Avengers villains to form the Masters of Evil.

In the “Age of Ultron” crossover event in the comic books, Ultron had rebuilt himself so many times, he was powerful enough to take over the world. The actual story involves a number of characters not in the current ‘Avengers’ movie universe (including Spider-Man, Wolverine and She-Hulk) and involves a decent deal of time travel, so we’ll imagine it’s just a launching point for the film, rather than a straight adaptation.

But what ‘Age of Ultron’ will need is the introduction of Henry Pym/Ant-Man prior to Edgar Wright’s ‘Ant-Man’ film and Vision, a character created by Ultron. This is the time where we remind you that Vin Diesel has allegedly been dropping hints about discussing Vision with Marvel and could very well be a possibility.
Ultron’s powers include the Encephalo-ray, which places victims into a death-like coma and allows him to manipulate their minds (possibly only to be activated at a later time). Like Iron Man, he also has a number of blasts and repulsors, as well as super strength and the ability to fly at supersonic speeds. His outer shell is composed as adamantium (the same metal fused to Wolverine’s skeleton) and is virtually indestructible.

He is definitely one of the biggest foes of the Avengers and it’s not surprising he’s been added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe but perhaps surprising that it happened so quickly. Many assumed that ‘Avengers 2′ would focus on Thanos (and hints at the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ panel would indicate that Thanos is still very much a part of this universe) but when the title of your film is ‘Age of Ultron,’ you would have to think he will be the main villain and Thanos could be shifted to a larger part in ‘Avengers 3.’

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Emma Stone wants to die in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Emma Stone has revealed she wants to stick to her Spider-Man character’s original death.
The Gangster Squad actress is playing Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and told SFX that she wanted to stay true to the famous death fall in the Marvel comics.
She said: “Essentially the argument is that Spider-Man kills her by accident. So the person she loves is the person who kills her, which is the most horrifying thing.
“Apparently people unsubscribed to the comic book when that happened because they were just so flipped out over it. But, of course, I want to stay true to that.”
Gwen is abducted by the Green Goblin and is about to fall to her death when Spider-Man catches her – but she dies and the cause is said to be whiplash injuries from being caught at such speed.

Peter Parker is played by Andrew Garfield again and Mary Jane Watson will be played by The Descendants’ Shailene Woodley. Mary Jane is Peter’s friend who later becomes his love interest.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is due out in April 2014.

Avengers Assemble Review ( STFUandPlay)

Mere months after Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes had its series finale, Marvel’s premiere super hero team returns with Avengers Assemble. This series is supposed to have the spirit of the Avengers movie and be tied more closely to the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series and any other future Marvel animated series. Although I was a bit upset and worried over the cancellation of EMH (it really was a great show) watching the premiere of this Avengers cartoon negated a lot of my fears and doubts. Yeah, it’s trying to be more like the movie Avengers but it also has a style of its own.

The show started with the Avengers being disbanded for some time. This made me think that this series takes place after the movie but as the show progressed, I could tell that the movie was just a reference point. The Avengers of this show had a lot more adventures that must have happened AFTER the movie. So while I think something similar to what occurred in the movie took place in this world, it wasn’t 100% the same. After Tony Stark watches the Red Skull “kill” Captain America, he decides to get the band back together to avenge their fallen comrade. This leads to a lot crazy action and a cool twist on a classic villain.

One of the things that stuck out to me personally was the art style. I’ve made it known quite frequently that although I loved Earth’s Mightiest Heroes that I totally hated the art style of the characters. Everyone looked flat and uninteresting. THIS show however looks great. The characters are proportioned nicely and feel like they have weight to them. The animation is mostly good but some parts left me disappointed. There was a part where the camera turned to look at each Avenger kind of like it did in the movie but it just looked cheap as fuck. Other than some minor animation quibbles, I am very satisfied with the overall presentation. This is easily the best that the Avengers have ever looked on the small screen.

I need to talk about the voice cast because this is one of the best I’ve seen assembled (see what I did there?) for an animated series. We get, who I think is the best voice of Iron Man, Adrian Pasdar (Nathan Petrelli from Heroes) reprising the role as the Iron Avenger. If you’ve seen the Marvel Anime Iron Man series then you already know what I’m talking about. He isn’t trying to do a Robert Downey Jr. impression and does his own interpretation of the character. Troy Baker plays Hawkeye and I’m so glad he is playing the Hawkeye from the comics and not the movie. Nothing against Jeremy Renner but I prefer the funny, asshole Hawkeye and Baker plays him to perfection. Fred Tatasciore is probably legally contracted to ALWAYS be the Hulk so he’s back. And I LOVED hearing Liam O’Brien as the Red Skull. Even with the accent, I could tell it was him a mile away. I’m glad that Marvel didn’t skimp on any of the voice actors and got the best people possible. Hey Marvel, when you have Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) on this show, make sure to get Jennifer Hale to do her voice. She kicked ass in that role in EMH so it’d be stupid to not get her on this show.

This premiere definitely impressed me and it makes me want to see more. Iron Man is now the leader of the Avengers which is an interesting choice considering that Captain America has always traditionally been the leader. This was also the case in EMH and since Iron Man is the big star Avenger to the masses, it makes sense to make him the leader. I also liked how the Red Skull is assembling a team of his own to take down the Avengers. We got to see brief glimpses of Attuma, Doctor Doom and Dracula (I think) when Red Skull sent out his little invitations. This show will not be holding back on the super villain department and that gets me excited as a long time Marvel Comics fan.

Marvel Zombies Movie ?

Marvel’s Phase Two is already underway with Iron Man 3 in theaters, and Thor: The Dark World coming this Thanksgiving. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is shooting right now, with Guardians of the Galaxy deep into pre-production and The Avengers 2 screenplay completed. So that means Marvel is of course thinking about their Phase Three plans with only Ant-Man confirmed at this point. What else might be included in this third leg of the Marvel movie legacy?
Kevin Feige recently caught up with Entertainment Weekly, and offered a list of potential titles, with the fact that Doctor Strange is likely to be confirmed next. While we’ve heard most of these titles batted about the Internet before, one title sticks out like a sore thumb, and that’s Marvel Zombies. We haven’t really heard this mentioned before in terms of being included as a Marvel Phase Three project.
Here are the possible Marvel Phase Three titles
Doctor Strange
Iron Man 4
Black Panther
The Punisher
Ghost Rider
Planet Hulk
The Inhumans
Marvel Zombies
About the inclusion of Marvel Zombies, which seems like the least likely of these projects to get made, Kevin Feige had this to say.

“Marvel Zombies is such a funny thing because its such a cool comic and it’s such a cool idea, but the bigger profile becomes what starts to happen [with fans]? Are you going to draw figures in chalk with your 3-year-old with Hulk eating someone? Or Captain America with his brains coming out of the top of his head? Probably not…?”
Marvel Zombies is a five book comic series that features most of its superheroes turning into flesh hungry zombies searching for food during the apocalypse. While Kevin Feige doubts this will get made during Marvel Phase Three, he is much more optimistic about Doctor Strange.
“I would love Doctor Strange to be a part of that only because he’s a great character. He’s a great standalone character. He’s got a great origin story, for the most part. And that world of pure magic, we haven’t done yet. There’s a whole supernatural/magic alternate dimension going on in the Marvel comics that we haven’t ever touched on. So I think that’s exciting.”
One Marvel mainstay that won’t likely be a part of Marvel Phase Three is Iron Man 4, especially with Robert Downey Jr. not completely on board. But Kevin Feige is optimistic that we will see a rebooted version of the movie during Marvel Phase Four or Phase Five.
“I believe there will be a fourth Iron Man film and a fifth and a sixth and a 10th and a 20th. I see no reason why Tony Stark can’t be as evergreen as James Bond. Or Batman for that matter. Or Spider-Man. I think Iron Man is a character just like that.”
Kevin Feige also doesn’t feel optimistic about the recent titles that just came back to the studio, including Daredevil, The Punisher, Blade, and Ghost Rider. We’ll see reboots eventually, but probably not in Phase Three.
“All those characters are back. They all have potential, but I think we need to find the right time. We’re not going to say, we got it back – make it!”
Hulk is as close to a sure thing as Doctor Strange is in terms of being in Phase Three. Though Kevin Feige was the first to tease Planet Hulk as a Phase Three movie, the title may not move in that direction.
“People were like, ‘You’ve already had two movies. How is that going to happen?’. One of the goals that we talked about with Joss Whedon was we want Hulk to be cool again. What we’re excited about exploring and expanding is Mark Ruffalo – and Banner’s not in Planet Hulk at all. The fun of the Planet Hulk is his interaction with humans. Mark could stand in his own movie. We’re talking about it. We’re excited to sit down and go, ‘What is a stand-alone Hulk movie? If anyone could be a great 55-year-old Hulk, it’s Mark Ruffalo so I’m not worried about that.”
Source-MovieWeb Video-IGN

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