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GBTV is dedicated to bringing its readers the latest in gaming culture, lifestyle and entertainment.

Not Just Your Average Gamer
Andre Brown — Editor-in-Chief / Founder and Creative Officer of GamerBlogTv (GBTV)

Andre Brown former community manager at Project TriForce to current creative director of GamerBlogTv is whom one can consider a gaming professional with a healthy edge. Discrediting the typical stereotype gamer “couch potato” persona, Andre “NittyGunns” Brown is dedicated to blending his fitness and gaming lifestyles together to form a new image for the modern gamer. With an extensive background in the gaming industry and a partnership with Brooklyn New York native Anthony “Savagetone” Rodriguez of GFAMTV, Andre has accomplished many creative works and marketing experiences with Sideshow Collectables, Epic Games and Microsoft Studios (just to name a few). New York born and bred with a Vegas Spirit | Dedicated Knicks Fan | Gears of War 3 Locust Killer | “One must never be caught without his XBOX ONE, Playstation 4, iphone 6s plus, Mac Book Air or Executive Beats By Dre. I call that Gaming Gear essentials.”-Andre Brown

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  1. awsome site dude did u make it alone or did you have help???


  2. Love the picture with both guns. nice! You should add a subscribe button so that I can get your post via email. ♥ ^_^ ♥


  3. Freddie Diaz

    Hey whats up man?! It’s been awhile. We first met at the Gears of war 2 launch party then at the Kinnect and Gears 3 release party. I’m trying to look up any info to see if there is gonna be any release party for the Gears Judgement game. Please let me know if you have any ino. I’m sure I’ll meet you there (I’ll even save you a spot on line) XBOXgmertag (PappaChewbacca)


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