Making Fun – The Story of Funko is arriving on Netflix on May 24!

Thanks to their POP! vinyl line, Funko is absolutely dominating the toy scene right now, unleashing so many new toys at such a steady clip that I’m not sure anyone working for the company has slept in the last couple years. It feels like you can’t go *anywhere* without seeing POP! toys *everywhere*, and the brand is showing no signs of slowing.

Love ’em or hate ’em, the line of big-headed vinyl toys will go down as being one of the most iconic lines in toy history, and the coolest thing about the line is that Funko has used it to show a whole lot of love to the horror genre. Hell, they just unveiled an upcoming vinyl toy of Black Phillip from The Witch, which just shows how cool they are.

In any event, we know you guys like toys so we figured you’d be happy to hear that the new doc Making Fun – The Story of Funko is arriving on Netflix on May 24!

We are extremely proud of the film as both a testament to the vibrant Funatic community and power of pop culture’s ability to bring people together,” the company says.


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