5 artist to watch for at Blakkmoney Cypher Chamber May 26th

Signature Series Arts and Blakkmoney Ent will be kicking off their 2018 season with the anticipation Cypher Chamber hosted by Vianca Phillips of WVMR radio and Signature Series Arts in-house talent Awesome . In light of the event that has already been promoted by Metro NY newspaper and Spate Media . We give you 5 artist to watch for that can make this a memorable event .

Mike Milly

This will be Milly’s first time at a Signature Series Arts event and he was entered as a headlining act . If you watch Milly’s YouTube videos you can sense that he may bring the more rawer form of hip-hop to the event . Milly has strong music in his catalogue and a demanding presence . It will be interesting to see how he plays that out in the live stage .


Ique is no stranger to the Blakkmoney stage as he had one of the strongest performances at Night at the Asylum back in 2014 . Ique made a mark in all important check boxes . Good music , supporting fans , great live show . Years have gone by since Ique have touched a Blakkmoney stage , question in can the artist bring the same momentum ?

RBM Bizzel

RBM Bizzel has blaze a trail of his own with consistent good art through movie , web series and live performances. The Brooklyn native hasn’t lost a step in stage presence as evident through his performance at his Purge Concert last year . Bizzel already has the most momentum going into the event and will be the one to watch .

Dali Tyson

Dali Tyson has created her own wave of momentum leading into #TheCypherChamber . She is currently releasing new music and have been one of the few artist to post themselves kicking lyrics on video. Tyson has gained the attention of many of the blog sites leading into the event and will undoubtedly be an artist that will have to show she can handle the stage .


Shi-Zen shocked the system during his set last year at #NYCESBEVENT . He was already credited for great music but was one of the artist that had many supporters on hand in the crowd . Shi-Zen had an electric performance , even late into the event and still managed to score a great performance. His energy match one of an opener or headliner . Shi-Zen will be looked as one of the names to kick the event in another gear .


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