Artist that can steal the show at #NoOxygenFest2 . 

Signature Series Arts will be presenting “No Oxygen Fest” 2 Friday Novemeber 3rd live from Stage at L.I.C , and with an already stacked card we ruffle through the bill to inform our readers which stars we think can steal the show and leave their name in the crowd’s mouth . 

Coming off as a multiple threat D- Stone has been making waves with his current promo of his Empire Fresh shoot. Stone comes off socially as an exclusive artist . He makes the right moves with the right people and doesn’t dwell much from show to show over using his brand and name. Stone is one of the fresh faces on the Signature Series Arts bill, and most likely will look to leave the crowd in awe of his exclusivness. This can be one of those rare mid-card performances that steal the show much like Wilddup and Yun Nostra did at #NYCESBEVENT . 
Kassius Brikkz 

Kassius Brikkz is a returning favorite on a Blakkmoney bill, and have one of the best video performances of the past. Who can forget him bringing up the crowd on stage at 2014 #RANYCONCERT at Webster Hall. His authenticity can be what the crowd needs , seeing as in the past season some of the performances have been pop type spectacles. ( Atson , Ru$ Grey , Lia Givenchy, Poiison ). Kassius Brikkz can reel in a show stealer here with the right music and crowd control. 

There has been plenty of artist to crowd moments created at Blakkmoney / Signature Series events this season , but that all started in 2014 with MMB. Who engaged the audience unlike any other act before them. MMB have great story telling ability on stage and have shown that they can captivate any crowd , large or small. Backed by the energy and synergy of this group this will be one of those, it was so good it didn’t last long enough sets much like ( ATSON #GMITGCONCERT , or Wilddup #NYCESBEVENT). 
Boyz 4 Life 

The other group on the bill at #NOF2 is Boyz 4 Life , from CT. After being introduced to the Signature Series Arts network this fall , the energy of this group may be a show stealer. If this group can get the NYC crowd behind them and blend their energy with them, B4L may be the ones to talk about after the last mic is dropped. B4L will be representing the sponsored stage of QSJRADIO.COM and will need to set the standard of the stage. 

Atson has strung a wave of attention since debuting at #GMITGConcert he currently has one of the most streamed performances on ( 2k+views in counting) .The factor here is where he will be placed on the bill and who will be his lead in to help rev the crowd up. Atson can quite possibly knock the momentum after his lead in and follow up. The big stage performer Atson has captivated fans and tastemakers to talk about his performances. This can be the same at #NOF2. 
Stuck B 

Stuck B organic and relative style is a breathe of fresh air to the Signature Series Arts stage . His raw energy and authenticity can be the talk of the night because its such a rare choice for the Signature Series Arts stage. This can be the deal maker here with Stuck B who is known to tear up stages stages and has strong support. He just performed at the storied SOB’s and look to bring that power to #NOF2 


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