5 things to watch out for at the “NYC Empire Strike Back” Event. 

With Blakkmoney Entertainment and Signature Series Arts collaborated “NYC Empire Strikes Back” event just around the corner , the velocity of the event is starting to boil over and the speculation has become a nail biting wait at it’s finest. We here have decided to explore 5 things music fans and attendees should look out for July 21st , when the #NYCESBEVENT culminate’s from Fusion Hall. 

The Openers
With the likes of Brooklyn’s own Buttacool and QOTR’s Ms.Fit leaving the stamp of openers of the event at the #GMITGConcert , this Summer’s openers must follow up as jolted and crowd pleasing as these two. We hope the announced opener’s Zaay and Point Diamondz will have to muster up enough momentum to justify the crowd rocking through several songs of their set. New artist Zaay has a deliberate vintage NYC sound that compliments the theme of the night and is a smart choice to open up the show. 

The Production
Usually the production of a Blakkmoney event is top of the line. The hype here is how would the theme play a role in the production. Blakkmoney Entertainment is known for providing the audience with a breathe taking presentation. We look forward to see how they will utilize the theme “NYC Empire Strikes Back” . 

Ru$ Grey / Ciph Boogie 
With Can’t stop gang’s Ru$ Grey taking the stage after peer artist Atson did this past spring at #GMITGConcert. How will the untapped talent utilize his time during the #NYCESBEVENT. Ru$ has already announced a world premiere video debut at the event , but will it be enough to keep the crowd engaged and continue the momentum set by his predecessor. Ciph Boogie who has been building his own momentum online has no doubt put a bulls’eye on his name. Ciph would have to have a strong set to keep the momentum of his latest music releases. 

The Mid Card

The line-up is no doubt stacked this Summer at the #NYCESBEVENT but who will take the hotspots . This spot is reserved for the artist that have to carry the crowd through the second hour of the event. More people will be present and tuned in looking for memorable music. Artist in the past that have aced this spot are Lia Givenchy , Mekado , Atson and Team 808 from the #GMITGConcert . Who will take the reigns during the empire show July 21st ? 

Aaron Knight 
Announced as the headliner of the event , looks to bring his momentum of the Keep Flexin Tour with Rich the KId to the stage at Ozone Park. Knight who has since stacked his accolade bag from No Oxygen Fest 2014 , will return to the main stage as a grand presentation. Knight has always captivated any audience he has played for and no doubt will do the same at the #NYCESBEVENT . 

Source -Time Magazine 


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