New Xbox One Controller Colors, Special Edition Headset Revealed

Microsoft today announced some new additions to the Xbox One’s accessories lineup, providing some new color choices to those in the market for a new controller or headset.

The new Xbox One S controller, which features a textured grip and Bluetooth support, will soon come in two new colors. The first of these is a blue one that sees most of the controller, as well as its d-pad, analog sticks, and the letters on the face buttons all take on the same color. The other is a metallic magenta one featuring a gradient that sees the color fade to black as it reaches the top.

The blue controller debuts on September 27 for $65, with it first being available at the Microsoft Store and Best Buy in the US. (There’s no word on when it’ll be sold at other retailers.) The magenta one carries a slightly higher premium, launching for $70 in the US, Canada, and UK on October 4. That’s less than the $80 you’d pay for a custom-designed one.

This new style of controller will also soon come in black (as opposed to the white version that launched with the white Xbox One S). It will be available with a USB charging cable later this month or with the Xbox Wireless Adapter (that allows it to be used wirelessly with a PC) in October. Both of these black versions will cost $60.

Finally, Microsoft unveiled a new, special edition version of its stereo headset. This comes in white to match the existing white controller and Xbox One S (but not some of those just-announced Xbox One S bundles). It’ll be available at the Microsoft Store and GameStop in the US for $65 in “late October.”
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