Quick View: Mortal Kombat X (XboxOne*)

Note: This is a brief single-player and offline-mode of play review. We’re currently still “taking the panties off” this game so to speak.)

Yes, we were at Gamestop midnight release and yes, it was worth the midnight stroll in the city! On top of that, we’re just going to come out and say that Mortal Kombat X happens to be the most visually stunning video creation out right now and that’s a understatement. Definitely a wonderful blend of old school Mortal Kombat brought forth by modern times. Coming into the office with about three hours sleep is so worth it (says cup of coffee number 4).

Starter characters of choice so far have been Scorpio and Sub-Zero (for old times sake) but with each unique character yielding their very own rich and dynamic fighting styles who’s to say by the end of day how many we’ll fit in. The hype is definitely around wanting to try out the new character fighters and compare them to those who have been taken off the line up. So far there doesn’t seem to be any injustice about revamping the line up.

Generally speaking the experience of interacting with this game is so rhythmic you definitely can feel fully in control of your fighting methods and speedy response times to blunt force attacks. NetherRealms are variously interactive which brings a sense of reality while combating. There’s absolutely only great things to say so far about this masterpiece. We’ll keep you posted as things unfold. In the meantime, you should be up and about testing MKX out for yourself so we can say: “Told you so”!

 By Ayuri Luciano



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