Addiction: Marvel Contest of Champions iOS* iPhone 6/6plus


So, let me paint a picture for you. You’re in the middle of a quest and the phone suddenly vibrates. It’s a text message from BAE and you: (A). Pause it and answer the message from your darling one (B). Keep playing until the match is over then answer – or – (C). Get extremely upset that the vibration of BAE’s text actually got you punched in the face by Iron Man messing up your prefect win so you decide that BAE should be put on “Do Not Disturb” status and actual forget to text back. If your answer is “C.” that means the addiction to KABAM’s Marvel Contest of Champions is definitely real in your life.  

For quite some time now the team here at GamerBlogTv has been indulging in this guilty pleasure. Everyone playing this game already knows the ins and outs of it from experience and various sources on the web. We’re here to state our personal mission which is to ultimately acquire every four star character on the Avengers roster and win every battle in a blaze of glory all while trying not to spend our 401K on buying Crystals. Anyone else ever feel just a little cheated when that crystal starts to spin out the vault and it appears as if you’re just about to win a 4-Star Hero and get “a 2-Star who really cares Hero” because everyone knows that a 3-Star Hero and better is ultimately everyone’s desire. 

So you choose to go ahead and invest in “All-Father Odin’s Vault”  for the very low, low price of $99.99 (sarcasm) and you’re feeling on top of the world for a bit, upgrading your fleet of 1-Star and 2-Star Hero’s (lucky if you have a 3-Star) and things start to feel just a little unrewarding for $99.99?! Shout out to you for possibly eating cup of noodles for the rest of your work week trying to redeem that hundred bucks you’ve dished out.

Kicking the addiction is hard but so is getting high blood pressure from salty microwave noodles and losing BAE. We suggest a healthy gaming balance of remembering simply this: “It’s just a game”. There’s no problem with “Peter Parker’s Wallet” for $4.99. It’s okay to grind your way through the Marvel universe with 2-Star Spider-Man and upgrading after each verse and quest are rightfully won. Yes, “rightfully won”. We also see the cheat code seekers out there in full effect. Good luck!


-Ayuri Luciano


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  1. Very well written! Never reply on any article on any site but your sentences are remarkably playful and good.

    I don’t play this game at all but am glad I read the article for no reason at all lol.

    To imagine this is the first gaming article I read in a month’s time.

    Liked by 1 person

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