Console HYPE

Is anyone paying attention to SHIELD? No! not Marvel Comics Universe S.H.I.E.L.D. but NVIDIA’s (or as the NASDAQ refers to it “NVDA”) SHIELD.

NVIDIA has two decades pioneering the visual computing and product development technology world. Now they have their eyes set on changing the way the world is gaming with their newest promotion of SHIELD video game console (built for next-generation gaming and entertainment). NVIDIA is set to launch SHIELD console this coming May based price at $200USD. Even more intriguing is the featured bundle plan that will accompany the console which promises (NVIDIA GRID) cloud streamed gaming, movies ,TV shows up to 4K with apps like Hulu Plus, YouTube, and Google Play. 

NVIDIA has not revealed exact pricing tiers for its services, nor all of its console compatible games but some of the offers through GRID that come with the release of SHIELD are 50 games for unlimited streaming use with the option to buy other games individually. NVIDIA plans to add on more features and offers as its service develops. 

So you’re thinking could this be the beginning of the end for the Playstation and Xbox empire with such a low price for its console? Pause. It’s way to early to go throwing that kind of blasphemy around! In terms of the hype surrounding SHIELD’s 1080p resolution that sometimes Xbox and PlayStation 4 tend to struggle with and depending on its service price range, SHIELD may be on to something as a gaming alternative. Let’s not forget SHIELD is limited to PC games. Yup, that means no console powerhouses like Gears of War, Halo, or Evolve. It’s even recommending that connection of 50 Mbps will be needed to stream games at high settings. NVIDIA definitely has work to do in its developmental gaming endeavors but hey…we see you.

-Ayuri Luciano 

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