Sunset Overdrive Dev Explains Xbox One Exclusivity

Some gamers were no doubt surprised when Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac Games announced that its current game, Sunset Overdrive, would be coming exclusively to Xbox One. After all, the developer is perhaps best known for its PlayStation-exclusive franchises like Ratchet & Clank and Resistance. Explaining the decision to make Sunset Overdrive an Xbox One-exclusive, CEO Ted Price said Microsoft’s “muscle” on Xbox Live was one factor that led the studio to choose Microsoft over Sony. That doesn’t mean there is any bad blood between Insomniac and Sony, however.

“We have a long history and great relationship with Sony and we will continue to work closely with them moving forward,” Price told GameRevolution. “However, when Microsoft announced the Xbox One we felt that what Microsoft was offering in terms of the platform feature set and Xbox Live presence was a great match for Sunset Overdrive.”

“For example, our multiplayer mode in the game called Chaos Squad supports eight players traversing a giant open world together to take on randomized missions. This is not a simple feature to create,” he added. “Yet Microsoft’s muscle on the platform and Xbox Live fronts has been invaluable in helping us create a unique multiplayer experience. Furthermore, the overall partnership has been seamless, and we’ve been extremely happy with the level of support and commitment we’ve received for Sunset Overdrive.”

Though Price didn’t offer any details about what the future holds for Insomniac, he pointed out that because the developer is independently run, it means the company has a nice level of freedom when it comes to deciding what platforms it wants to be on. “One of the benefits of operating as an independent studio and creating and owning one’s IP is that you can develop for the platforms that make the most sense for the game,” he said.

Sunset Overdrive launches exclusively for Xbox One on October 28. To mark the game’s release, Microsoft will release a special white Xbox One bundle. Currently, white Xbox One systems are available only to Microsoft employees.

Sunset Overdrive Day One Edition – Xbox One


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