Pick Up an Xbox One for $360 on eBay Right Now

Those in the market for an Xbox One can save $40 on the system right now, thanks to eBay. Microsoft’s latest console is currently just $360 through eBay seller buysuperdeal (via Dealzon). That’s a full $140 less than you would have paid for the system just over a month ago, but this sale price is available only on the system that doesn’t include Kinect.

This deal doesn’t require a promotional code or anything of the sort; $360 is simply the asking price. However, the system is available only in a “limited quantity”–there’s no telling how long this deal will remain available for, so you should act quickly if you’re interested.

This is the latest in a series of deals making the purchase of an Xbox One easier on gamers’ wallets. Microsoft itself has been involved in at least one of these, as the company has been offering select Xbox 360 owners a $75 credit for upgrading.

Is this discount enough to convince you to finally pick up an Xbox One, or are you going to continue waiting for a lower price and/or more games?


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