“Death of Wolverine” Movie in the works ?

Warning, SPOILERS below for those who haven’t seen X-Men: Days Of Future Past, and a few more from the comics.

Wolverine is a difficult man to kill. With an Adamantium skeleton, a brutally efficient healing factor and a fan base a franchise wide, he’s usually considered about as likely to disappear from our screens and pages as a certain man from Krypton. Even if he seems to meet his maker, he’ll always be back soon enough, right?

Well, that may all be about to change.

Marvel comics have already announced that September will see the launch of a new series – Death of Wolverine, in which the fan-favorite will, by all accounts, actually die. In the movies, though, it’s hard to imagine ever seeing a completely Wolverine-less X-Movie. Hugh Jackman, though, may have other ideas.
You have to feel that’s possible. And I think that’s what Marvel is doing with the comic books. You have to feel that every character there is in danger. It’s part of the problem we got into with Wolverine his kind of escalation of his ability to survive. The only way to get rid of him is to chop his head off.


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