Friday the 13th part 2 coming 2014 ?

The next installment of Friday The 13th is still in the writing stages, but rumors are abundant of the plot, with some of them being confirmed. Rumor has it, the next Friday The 13th movie in 2014 will be set in the winter, it will not be in 3D and they will improve on the kills. Could we see Jason venting his anger on snowboarders, and snowmobilers? Perhaps he unleashes his machete on hockey players and engages in deadly snowball fights?

We have also been told that the film may take another twist, and go the way of ‘found footage’. The studio may not only switch the setting from a snowy background, but also turn it into a “foundfootage” film like “Paranormal Activity” and “The Blair Witch Project.”…. I hate this angle and hope they don’t do it, since this has been done to death. TO DEATH! Please don’t make the new Friday The 13th into a found footage film.. please!

One other version that is being rumoured .. .and we like the most.. suggests the movie could be a prequel. We don’t really know much about Jason, his mom and the background at Crystal Lake, and here is the time to tell the story. Ok, so here’s the rumour …

A prequel that showed Jason’s mother being raped and beaten by her satanic husband. Jason’s mother was pregnant when the possessed fetus starts communicating with her, commanding her to kill her husband. He beat her badly which caused Jason to be malformed, which makes sense. Jason looks really fucked up when he leaps from the lake in the first film, his beatings in the womb may explain this angle. Mrs. Pamela Voorhees ends up giving birth to Jason near Crystal Lake. Voorhees is working at a nearby diner when a camp counselor hires her as a camp cook and convinces her and Jason to move onto the camp grounds.

Jason gets picked on by the other children, he’s an outcast and a deformed one, making him an easy target. It all ends (or should I say begins) when one day the evil little bastards send him into the lake, telling him a girl wants to kiss him and he drowns. How he drowns is still a mystery, we believe he is pushed in the lake by the shitty kids, and they all watch him drown… thinking he’ll be ok.

Cool right? This plot makes way more sense than a found footage angle…

Friday the 13th: Part 2

While you wait for the next Friday The 13th movie, you can scare the shit out of your friends with this cute little ‘Crystal Lake Webcam‘ … also, check out the behind the scenes footage from our Friday The 13th movie page we created for the 2009 film.

Friday the 13th: Part 2 Release Date

Filming was supposed to begin in early 2011.. but it could be a late 2013 but probably a 2014 release date. There are a lot of rumours swirling about what is happening with the new Friday The 13th movie, but it looks like it is still a go.

Who’s In It?

Derek Mears has been confirmed as Jason, if it is a continuation of the series with an ‘older’ Vorhees running around with a hockey mask. Contrary to all the other rumours we heard, nobody else is confirmed yet.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest Friday The 13th News.

The Good

The rumour of a back-story here is positive. We really have no idea of Jason’s real background, why his mother was the way she was…. where her evil came from. That being said, people want to see Jason, not sure if there is enough here to warrant a movie about the Vorhees past. The thought of a new take on the series is exciting.

The Bad

They can’t get this right. They are trying to take the ’13th’ series in a new direction but are failing at every turn. The 2009 FT13 was just so so, they blew a ton of opportunities…I haven’t lost faith in them turning the series around but they need to be on their A game.


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  1. jarrin bess

    I think they need to just leave it at the lake.Jason in snow come on man really lol keep the summer Jason going


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