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Destiny 2 Iron Banner Invincibility Gameplay PT.1/2

Live Destiny 2 “Iron Banner Gameplay”

Live Destiny 2 weekend gameplay

Micro-cheating is this a thing ?

You might be engaging in micro-cheating if you secretly connect with another person on social media, if you share private jokes, if you downplay the seriousness of your relationship to your partner or if you enter their name under a code in your phone,” Schilling said, adding that modern dating’s latest dilemma is defined by secrecy and “subtle betrayal.”

She added that having platonic friendships does not make one a micro-cheater. But, Schilling told the outlet, it’s a red flag if one’s partner begins to hide or lie about such relationships.

Echoing her sentiments, relationship expert Susan Winter told the Independent that she, too, believes micro-cheating is emotionally cheating.

-Source Fox News


Will Smith Surprises Fans During Bright World Tour

Live PS4 Destiny 2 2018 Gameplay

Signature Series Arts 2017 business report

This year Blakkmoney Entertainment expanded their brand by constructing their new specialized live event department . Spear headed by former alternative artist Sparrow ( A.K.A Spa77ow) , The newly presented Signature Series Arts was launched this past March and already has left their taste in the mouths of the NYC indie scene .

Signature Series Arts launched in the Spring of March 2017 with the “Get Me In The Game “ concert . This particular show featured both vintage Blakkmoney acts as well as introduced the indie scene to fresh talent like Atson , Mekado , GQ Josh and Frass . The attendance set that night was 175 guest and the event it self had post activity of 10,000 social hits . Contessa untamed returned in her role as host as she has done previously.

Later in the year , Signature Series Arts put a reported $5,000 to a marketing campaign for their Summer event “NYC Empire Strikes Back” . Fiscally the event could of not broke even as it was reported that a mere 115 people attended and that count may have included staff . The show itself kept the momentum socially as of this release the event has garnered 10,000 social hits . This event was headlined by emerging artist  Aaron Knight and new comer Ru$ Grey . Brooklyn artist John da Jawn set the record as most viewed artist on a SSA event , when his performance video broke 1.5k views in a week . It was also shared over 100 times on Facebook. Radio personality Dizzy Brown of Mixxy Society (WVMR)  hosted this event alongside Contessa Untamed .

Signature Series Arts closed out the year  strong by presenting a sequel to one of their more popular events of 2014 . “No Oxygen Fest “ 2 was billed as the perfect storm , and featured artist from the past year and new artist to the indie platform . This event saw Atson , MMB , John Da Jawn , headline . As well as new acts like Fiesty the Future , Ty Moody , and Joe that Guy kick it off . The attendance was the highest of the season as 201 guest attended . Small pop up shops also was featured at the event which could of bought in more revenue for the company .

Throughout the year Signature Series Arts invested in other shows like RBM Bizzel “The Purge” concert . Casanova featured event “Made in BK” and “Brooklyn Zoo” an event that featured Roc Nation recording artist Manolo Rose . This help with brand awareness outside of the official events and open the company up to auxiliary revenue. The new season kicks off in 2018 and we look forward to see what Signature Series Arts has to bring to the table for the new year .

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